A conceptual application for iPad

Discovery Channel — is a popular TV channel, a variety of interesting programs about life, science and technology. Famous TV network available for viewing in many countries around the world, and list of television programmes broadcast consist of a mixture of popular television shows.

Conceptual application allows you to keep track of all your favorite TV shows, discover more interesting facts about famous TV-series, read news and watch upcoming episodes. Hope you will enjoy it.

— 2013

Project Type:



Creative direction
Interaction Design

Discovery Channel TV popular shows

Personalized Home

Popularity/Custom settings driven algorithm.
Displayed data controlled by user.

Discovery channel iPad dashboard screen

Grids/Design and Structure

Primary Block (4×6)
Secondary Block (8×6)
Discovery Global Navigation Block

Application Grid/Design and Layout Structure

TV Schedule Screen

Featured Episodes/Timeline and discovery channel show list

Discovery channel TV schedule screen

TV show details

Discovery Channel TV schedule details

Alternative Discovery TV Schedule

Another way to display schedule information.
Full TV schedule review/Sorting by month and date

An alternative TV schedule screen for Discovery Channel iPad application
Discovery TV popular shows

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